Be Good to Yourself: 8 Actions for Bold Self-Love

Self-love has many different interpretations and can be different for each person. It may be a phrase that seems like a buzzword but we think it’s crucial to have some sort of self-love to keep you happy and healthy. If you’re not sure what it means to self-love, we’ve come up with 8 ways to help you understand.

  1. Following Your Intuition
    Trust your intuition rather than your ego. Follow the path you feel you are drawn to, it usually ends up being the best path. Sometimes we need to let ourselves go and just give it a shot even if we aren’t 100% sure of the outcome.
  2. Know Your Energy Levels
    Understand how you’re spending your energy levels. Are you getting too emotional? Physically tired? We need to take care of the mind and body and to know our limits.
  3. Letting Yourself Dream
    The one thing that lets us all down is that we believe we cannot achieve our dreams. The more negativity that we bring into our thoughts, the less likely you will reach your dreams. Allow yourself to dream big, and don’t stop yourself with doubts.
  4. Choosing Yourself
    No more comparisons against other people. Stop focusing on what other people are thinking and saying and focus on what you want to do and achieve. We need to start listening to what we want.
  5. Setting Boundaries
    Learn to build boundaries to protect yourself and your relationships. Don’t go overboard and live an uncontrollable lifestyle.
  6. Make Time to Have Fun
    We need to focus more on having fun. Sometimes simple pleasures bring the best happiness to our lives and we really need to focus on having more of those moments. Do what you love go out and dance, paint, cook, volunteer. You will feel lighter, more accomplished and simply just happier!
  7. Being Comfortable
    Whether it be physically or mentally, being comfortable makes us less stressed. Learn to be comfortable in your skin and to express your views.
  8. Build a Life You Love
    Lastly, build your life around the things you love. There’s no point living a life that we don’t feel comfortable in, we only get one shot at it. Bring in your favorite aspects and take out all the negatives.

Veronica Bostock -Sophrologist Geneva – English, French, Italian and Spanish speaker