OUR Otium center

VivreSophro enters the Otium center of Geneva!

Have you heard of our Otium Center? It is a unique place in Switzerland that offers holistic care for better living with and after cancer. There is also a café area, a library and a garden. The Center is a space for patients and relatives to enable them to live better during and after this painful illness. Otium allows, in fact, to support people affected by the disease by offering them a multitude of activities: coaching, listening, nutritional advice, physical activity – sophrology, yoga, pilates, relaxation, meditation, hypnosis – beauty tips – makeup techniques, beauty treatments, hairdressing – or physiotherapy. Today, approximately 3,000 patients are in treatment at the oncology department of HUG and Otium offers solutions to better live the disease, in addition to medical treatment, outside the hospital.

“Between 2020 and 2030, 500,000 people will be living with cancer in Switzerland, either in treatment or remission,” comments Professor Pierre-Yves Dietrich, head of the HUG Oncology Department who is a member of the multidisciplinary the Otium foundation.

Otium wants to be a warm place and far from any clinical atmosphere, wishing to allow these people to readapt to social life and be better integrated once cured. The proposed alternative medicines will enable patients to relieve the side effects of oncology treatments. However, the space intends to collaborate with the medical circles of Geneva, oncologists of the canton and all Geneva associations that support people affected by the disease. The center is also supported by two key players in oncology in Geneva, Dr. Angela Pugliesi-Rinaldi, head of the oncology department of the Hospital de la Tour and Professor Pierre-Yves Dietrich, head of the department of oncology of the HUG.


Because healing is also about the well-being of the body and the mind.

Veronica Bostock -Sophrologist in Geneva – English, French, Italian and Spanish speaker