Sophrology and weight management

Are you eating for the good reasons? Before eating, do you ask yourself the right questions?

The 8 keys of sophrology- weight management for group sessions.

We will be working on:

-Acceptance of body and body diagram.

-Activation / harmonization of the digestive system and transit / activation of the positive in the abdomen.

-Find his weight of form: to feel his food profile and fill gaps / evacuate too much, to feel satiety, notion of “not too full, not enough”.

-Stabilize the weight of balance: fill the body of harmony in an approach of peace with oneself, without violence towards it.

– Fight against food compulsions.

– Pleasures of the food: to find the alliance with the food, the food which is consumed without guilt, for the happiness and the well-being of the body.

Weekly group sessions

Day: Thursday

Schedule: 19.00-20.00

Location: Aliotis centre, 30, Boulevard Helvétique, 1207 Geneva

Beginning of the course: new date to come

End of the course: new date to come

Price: CHF 350.- for the course of 10 sessions +1 session offered. A catch-up session will be offered with date to be determined with the participants.

Register on 0786466166 or contact us on

Feel free to share this new course with your friends and connections.

Group sessions can be integrated with individual sessions that will allow to “work” on other more personal axes that cannot be addressed during group sessions. Please contact me for further details.

Veronica Bostock -Sophrologist in Geneva – English, French, Italian and Spanish speaker

Veronica Bostock -Sophrologue à Geneva – Anglais, Français, Italien et Espagnol