Which are the bad behaviors holding you back in your career path?

Everyone wants to move up the career ladder, taking on larger roles, getting more advanced titles, and definitely making that larger paycheck.

However, your attitude might be the very reason that’s not happening. While you may think you are working hard and doing what is expected, you may not realize that you are exhibiting behaviors that are serving as barriers to your advancement.

We report here below 5 negative behaviors which do not allow an employee to advance in the organization:

  1. Entitlement – No one owes you anything, especially an employer. If anything, an employee owes it to their employer to deliver talent, skills, and knowledge to achieve the organization’s objectives. After all, they hired you and were willing to take a chance by investing in what you have to offer. Instead, if you are grateful for and gracious about what you have, you will most likely be rewarded for your positive attitude.
  2. A ‘can’t do’ attitude – If you always have a reason why you can’t take on extra work, help out on a project, or meet that deadline, then you may not be showing others you have the capability to grow and develop as an employee or team member.
  3. Gossip – Talking about others and spreading rumors about them only serves to divide and create conflict in an office. Go out of your way to praise others on your team and let them know they are appreciated. If you must talk about others, share good news about how they helped meet a deadline or offered a great idea that will enrich the company.
  4. Having no drive – Nothing is worse¬†than someone who is lazy and just doesn’t have the internal drive mechanism to go the distance when a project calls for it.
  5. Playing the blame game – When and if something goes wrong take the responsibility if you’ve made a mistake. It’s admirable and shows leadership potential.

You have the power to adjust your actions and find the positive attitude that brings professional and personal success!

Veronica Bostock -Sophrologist in Geneva – English, French, Italian and Spanish speaker